The Buzz on Bees


Bees are not mean or aggressive; they are misunderstood. They may sting and swarm. However, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Often times, they are trying to get away from you, especially when they are trapped indoors. All they want to do, is find a way out. You may be afraid of bees or be worried about having an allergic reaction to bee stings. You are less likely to get stung if you remain calm and do not swat at the bee. Bees sting when they feel threatened. They also sting to protect their hives; if you come across a beehive, don’t mess with it. It could be full of bees, ready and waiting to protect their queen. If you want to knock down or remove a beehive on your property, call a professional to get the job done. You can also limit the amount of bees around your home and garden by excluding certain flowers and plants in your garden. Bees will be attracted to sweet, sugary foods and empty soda cans and juice bottles; keep all recycling bins and trash cans covered.